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How to Handle Exterior Car Spills

How to Handle Exterior Car Spills

Keeping your vehicle protected from spills takes a great deal of dedication, and it’s worth every effort when the finish stays perfectly preserved for years. Automotive exterior paints slowly corrode over time, but they degrade much faster when exposed to certain chemicals and debris. By treating and protecting your vehicle’s finish regularly, you can keep it looking brand-new without paying for expensive paintwork.

Exterior Paint

If you spill certain substances such as brake fluid, road tar, or fuel on automotive exteriors, the paint may start to chip or become discolored. One of the best ways to protect the paint from spills is to coat it with a  ceramic exterior wax. Ceramic Wax creates a hard-coat protective barrier that lasts for months and is safe to use on all solid exterior surfaces.

When dealing with exterior spills the most important thing is to rinse it quickly before it evaporates. Substances such as gasoline and brake fluid are very strong solvents that can cause damage to your paint job. It is also important to use a clean cloth or rag, as any dirt might cause further spreading of unwanted stains on your car.  Lastly, it is important to use a reliable cleaner to handle the job. Sprayway Speed Detailer gives you the best of both worlds as it not only cleans, polishes but also protects and blocks out UV Rays.

Give Your Stain Protection Routine a Lift

You can protect each spill-prone area of your vehicle for years with these simple methods, or you could go the extra mile and use one of our superior automotive detailing products.