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How to Avoid Water Spots When Cleaning Your Vehicle

How to Avoid Water Spots When Cleaning Your Vehicle

One of the main problems consumers face when completing home detail work is reducing the appearance of watermarks and spots which can make it look like your car was never cleaned at all. Water spots ruin the look of your car but can be easily avoided.

Next time, before washing, waxing, and drying your car, remember these handy tips.

Four Useful Guidelines for Reducing Water Spots

1. Always Use Microfiber Cloths

Lint particles are to blame for the vast majority of the water spots you see on your car. Washing, waxing, or drying with old rags, towels, or clothing is not recommended because of the large amounts of lint these can deposit all over your vehicle.

Microfiber cloths made for automotive detailing are a worthy investment if you want your car to look its best. Reducing lint particles reduces the amount of moisture trapped on the surface of your car.

2. Never Wash, Wax, or Dry Your Car in the Sun

It can be very tempting to want to wash, wax, or dry your car outside on a nice, warm, sunny day. Unfortunately, the heat of the sun causes water to dry very quickly and unevenly across the surface of your paint job. The results in a streaky finish and plenty of water spots.

Simply choose to detail your car in a garage or another cool, shaded location to reduce the main cause of watermarks on your exterior surfaces. Once the job is complete, you can enjoy driving your spot-free car outside in that warm, bright sunshine.

3. Consider a Water Filtration System

If using microfiber cloths and detailing your car in a cool, shaded location does not seem to be helping, you might want to consider the quality of the water in your home. A water filtration system could be the solution you are searching for.

When water with high mineral content dries on your car, water spots are likely to occur. If the other suggested solutions are not working, it might be time to consider whether a hard water issue could be the cause. A home water filtration system is the best way to prevent mineral deposits from forming water spots on your car.

4. Avoid Using a Spray or Jet Nozzle

If you tend to wash and rinse your car with a high-powered spray or jet attachment, it could be the cause of water spots. Detailing your car only with a low pressure and more free-flowing attachment can be a simple fix that helps to ensure your car is free of unsightly watermarks.

Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

It’s important to avoid water spots because they damage the paint on the surface of your car. Over time, water spots etch and chip away your car’s paint. The final result is an unsightly appearance. To avoid this, follow the guidelines listed above.

Your car is your pride and joy. That’s why taking proper care of it is such a big deal. To complete your car’s interior and exterior detailing, use Sprayway automotive appearance products.