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Automotive Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Automotive Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape helps maintain its value and functionality. While cleaning is rarely considered something fun, it can be quick and simple for vehicle owners who learn a few cleaning tricks. Check out these automotive cleaning tips to see how easily you can keep your car in mint condition.

Exterior Cleaning Tips

  • Use the right soap and suds. The soaps found in most bathrooms and kitchens contain elements that can slowly damage your car’s paint job, so make sure to use a soap designed specifically for car washing. Drivers can choose from car washing soaps specially designed to boost shine, clean off-road vehicles, clear paintwork, and much more.
  • Dry off the vehicle after it has been washed. Do not let it air dry. Use a soft and absorbent cloth to wipe it down before watermarks can form. Watermarks on the exterior are often more difficult to remove during the next wash than dirt and grime.
  • Wash your tires with a combination soap that will both clean and condition the rubber. Sprayway Auto Tire Foam is a great example of a scrub-free cleanser that conditions and protects tires while leaving a rich black finish.
  • Wax your car every few months with the right type of wax. You can use Sprayway Speed Detailer in between waxing to maintain protection and shine.
  • Apply any wax by hand or with an electronic power buffer to save some time. Even if you apply wax with a power buffer, make sure to remove it by hand with a soft, dry cloth. Using a power buffer to remove wax commonly leads to an uneven coat and a cloudy finish.

Interior Cleaning Tricks

  • Use an unwanted paintbrush to clean out the nooks and crannies of your car’s air conditioning vents. You can also use the brush to clean the door buttons and other similar areas. Try to vacuum up the dust while you are brushing it out so that it never has a chance to accumulate anywhere else in the car.
  • Don’t use window spray or all-purpose cleaner on your dashboard as they can ruin the softer material. Give your dashboard the luster it deserves with a combination interior cleaner and detailer that will wash and protect your dashboard without causing damage.
  • Replace your car’s cabin (AC) filters. While you won’t be able to see the difference this tip makes, you will definitely be able to smell it. Regular and scented filters are available for most types of cars.
  • If you’ve got leather in your car, make sure to condition it regularly. Untreated leather gets ruined quickly and can make your car look years older than it is. A high-quality oil or dedicated leather conditioner and cleaner will protect your interior for months. Using a specialty product like Sprayway Auto Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will reinvigorate old leather and help your leather last longer.
  • Big animal lover? Get rid of animal hair on the cushions with a squeegee and a spray bottle of water. Lightly spray the area that needs to be cleaned and slowing drag the squeegee across the cushions until all the hair has been collected.

Cleaning your car so that it looks as if it just came off the lot does not have to be hard work. These tips and tricks can keep both the interior and exterior of your car shining like new. Automotive cleaning has never been easier.