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Automotive Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape helps maintain its value and functionality. While cleaning is rarely considered something fun, it can be quick and simple for vehicle owners who learn a few cleaning tricks. Check out these automotive cleaning tips...

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How to Eliminate Bad Odors

It can be challenging to eliminate bad odors from a vehicle once they set in, but with a bit of cleaning, you can make drastic improvements. When food, moisture, or other substances settle into the interior of a vehicle for too long, mold and foul odors...

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How to Ceramic Wax Your Car

Advancements in nanotechnology are bridging a long-held divide between those who favor the slick, shiny gloss of carnauba wax over those who prefer the superior protective properties of ceramic coating. Conventional wax is easy to apply by hand and inexpensive...

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How to Avoid Water Spots When Cleaning Your Vehicle

One of the main problems consumers face when completing home detail work is reducing the appearance of watermarks and spots which can make it look like your car was never cleaned at all. Water spots ruin the look of your car but can be easily avoided. Next...

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How to Handle Exterior Car Spills

Keeping your vehicle protected from spills takes a great deal of dedication, and it’s worth every effort when the finish stays perfectly preserved for years. Automotive exterior paints slowly corrode over time, but they degrade much faster when exposed...

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Glass Cleaning FAQs

Why Ammonia-Free? Look for products that do not contain ammonia, as this chemical can damage automotive surfaces. Read more about the differences between ammonia-free and ammonia glass cleaners for your vehicle here. What Type of Cloth Should You Use...

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How to Clean and Protect Leather Seats

Leather seats are durable and hard-wearing, but without the proper care and attention, they can soon lose their luster. Over time, general wear and tear, ingrained dirt, and harmful UV rays from the sun can cause the leather to crease, crack, and fade....

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